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April 29th, 2005

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Stellenbosch Handicap Tournament, Round 2

Jaco Swanepoel and Florian Breuer had a hard-fought game lasting about 4 hours to complete the first round of the 2nd Quarter Handicap tournament. In the end, Jaco was unable to make a group struggling inside Flo’s moyo live, and was forced to resign. The draw for Round 2 is ready, and available here.

Update: Here’s a picture to illustrate the situation (thanks, Rory!). Jaco’s white group in the centre is struggling hard to live, but it doesn’t seem as if he can save them.

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One Response to “Stellenbosch Handicap Tournament, Round 2”

  1. Flo says:

    Actually, I didn’t have a moyo at all, and in fact Jaco started out with some bad-ass influence (while I got territory). The group that eventually died started off as an attacking force that nearly killed one of my groups… it eventually got cut off (in two stages) and died after fighting like a wounded lion.

    I’m currently trying to reconstruct the game to post it here. I know all the exchanges that happened, but not always the order in which they were made. I hope Jaco can help me out here.

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