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April 21st, 2005

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RoundGo board

RoundGo uses the same rules as Go, but the board is different. Every point on the board has 4 liberties. Download the PDF of the board here. It prints on 4 A4 pages which you can then cut out and stick together for an interesting alternative when you’ve got fed up with shortage of liberties on the side of the usual Go board 😉

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2 Responses to “RoundGo board”

  1. konrad says:

    I wonder how this relates topologically to toroidal go? Both (I think) have four liberties at every point, and symmetry in the sense that all first moves are identical. Toroidal go (along with Klein bottle go and some other weird and wonderful board shapes – good to try out if you like the idea of playing go on an impossible surface) can be played on a standard go board.

  2. Steve says:

    David Richfield says if you connect the outside points to the inside points similarly to the other layers, and then remove the inner and outer ring, you get toroidal go. David has also pointed out to me that with a bit of masking tape, adding 2 lines to your board (possibly on masking tape) and wraparound, you can play roundGo on a regular board too.

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