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April 12th, 2005

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SAGA AGM postponed

Paul Edwards, president of SAGA, has announced the postponement of the SAGA AGM on the SAGA mailing list. The postponement has been made necessary because the decision to exclude Victor from the list of nominations for the SAGA council for the coming year has been revoked. Thus, a postal ballot had once again become necessary, for which there was not enough time before the currently scheduled AGM.

It has been decided to use the opportunity thus created to call for more nominations, since another vacancy has been created on the council by the sad death of Kagiso Mampe. The AGM should be held before the end of June, and constitutional changes to address the complications experienced in recent months will be circulated along with the announcement of the AGM and, I would expect, the call for further nominations.

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One Response to “SAGA AGM postponed”

  1. Hugo says:

    The part of Paul Edwards’ email that Steve neglected to mention was regarding nominations:

    “Steve is the sort of person we need on the SAGA council and I hope that he might be persuaded to stand for election.

    How about it Steve, would you be prepared to stand for election?”

    😉 While I’m sure Steve has already made up his mind, I felt obliged to not allow him to slip himself under the radar like this!

    Steve, just see this as a vote of confidence from me… no pressure meant by it!


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