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March 22nd, 2005

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Victor ekes out win vs. 5p

As Flo has pointed out in an earlier comment, Victor managed to squeeze out a half-point win against Sasaki 5p in the 5th round of the IGS Rapid Champs, and thus be the last amateur standing in the tournament. Perhaps the most well-known player to be eliminated in the last round, was Michael Redmond, the 9-dan professional from California, ousted by another 9p. Victor has kindly provided a commented version of his game, which you can download here.

Victor is now in the last 16 of the tournament, along with such luminaries as Kobayashi Koichi, Hane Naoki, and O Rissei.

Well done, Victor, and good luck for the next round on 2 April. If anyone knows who his opponent will be in the next round, please leave a comment.

Update: Victor’s next opponent is Kono Rin 7p, a pupil of Kobayashi Koichi, and winner of the New Star Award in 2003.

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16 Responses to “Victor ekes out win vs. 5p”

  1. konrad says:

    I saw a tournament table over the weekend, but can’t find it now – maybe it’s been taken off. I think it said Victor’s next game is against ZhouJunXun, 9p (Taiwan). This will be on the 2nd of April – the winners in this round get to go to Tokyo to play in the quarter finals, plus about $1600 prize money.

    Amusingly, seems to be flummoxed by Victor’s identity, reporting:
    “The 5th preliminary round of the Pandanet Open Professional and Amateur Internet World Go Championship has finished. Besides 15 professionals just one mystery guest is left: RoseDuke.”

  2. Steve says:

    It turns out that Cho U 9p, recent winner of the Japanese NHK Cup by defeating Yoda Norimoto 9p, and son-in-law of Kobayashi Koichi is also in the last 16 of the IGS Rapid Champs.

    Interestingly, Kobayashi Koichi held both the NEC and NHK professional titles (rapid play championships), until Cho U dethroned him from both titles. Besides these titles, Cho U also holds the Meijin, Honinbo and Oza titles.

    Thanks to Victor for the info.

  3. Tom says:

    Hi all –

    Could any of you, preferably Victor himself,
    give any info on his background ? I’ve just
    seen one of his game, thought it was
    Yamashita in disguise. Brilliant, as far as I
    can tell :). Out of sheer curiosity, plus
    willing to help Jansteen (owner of GoBase)
    solving the “RoseDuke mistery”…

    Many thanks in advance,

    Tom – from France.

  4. Steve says:

    Hi Tom, and welcome to our site’s first international poster 😉

    I don’t know that much about Victor’s background prior to his arrival in South Africa, but as far as I know, Victor was born in China, and was given some intensive Go teaching while he was still there. I believe he came to South Africa in his teens, and since then he has represented South Africa a number of times at the World Amateur Go Champs.

    If anyone is able to give more info, please add a comment here.

  5. Steve says:

    Hey. For all the Hikaru No Go fans, I was just wondering if we could call Victor the South African Sai ;>

  6. konrad says:

    Steve, I’m afraid you’ve killed the possibility of the entire internet going “who is RoseDuke?” by answering the question. Besides, Victor isn’t 2000 years old yet 🙂

    Just to add, Victor went to go academy in China (as far as I understand they study normal school subjects in the morning and go all afternoon) and missed out on qualifying for pro by a hair’s breadth one year. Then his parents emigrated to SA when he was in high school and he had to give it up.

  7. Tom says:

    Steve, Konrad, thanks a heap. I guess I’ll break the news to Jan, though it’s a bit of a shame indeed to throw away a potential “mistery internet pro-killer” story, à la Sai.
    I read Victor’s comments on the game vs. Sasaki; I find it very good material. I’d pass it on to GoBase as well if I have his explicit permission. Could you please ask him ?

    Sorry I don’t have a website of my own; the link is to my info on the French Fed site – with my e-mail and everything.

    Thanks again !
    Best regards,

  8. Tom says:

    Hi again –

    Right, now the cat’s out of the oven…

    Jan would like to publish the game comments, too, (both games, Yahata and Sasaki) so please keep me posted about the authorization.

    In return for your kindness, Steve, I picked up a game you played and were asking some high kyu to comment upon. I’ll be that “high kyu”, if you like, and try and say some things about your fuseki and shapes.



  9. RoseDuke says:

    I am Victor Chow 7d from South Africa, been living in SA for over 15 years now.

    I have been playing that style long before Yamashita reached fame. I used to play on IGS, and now I play more in a Chinese site, named kisei-dojo in a lot of top chinese players, including top professionals playing in there.

    I am a software developer, and currently studying MBA as well.

    Any one wish to know me more, can search for old SAGA magazine, there was an article about me….^_^

  10. RoseDuke says:

    To correct the report, I was scheduled to play Kono Rin 7p on 2nd of April, Rin is the pupil of Kobayashi Koichi, and he won the new-star award in 2003.

  11. RoseDuke says:

    ChoS 9p is Cho U, the best Japanese Player at present, he is in the final 16!!!!!

  12. RoseDuke says:

    To Tom:

    I will be glad to share my games and knowledge, as long as you provide free access for SAGA members and Go players in Africa, I will permitted you to use the materials.

    You can ask me for new materials if u need.

    Please don’t use these materials for commercial purpose.


    Victor Chow

  13. Tom says:

    Xiexie, Victor !

    Your games are original, and your comments quite clear. I’m sure many Europeans will enjoy reading them – and learn a lot. Don’t worry about the site I send them to, GoBase, it’s a free non-commercial site (though you need to register). Konrad knows, for instance, ask him. Jan van der Steen, the owner, sends his thanks too. I wish you for the rest of the tournament !



  14. Tom says:

    Eh 🙂 . I wrote “I wish you #beeeep# for the rest”,
    but with tagmarks, forgot it’s interpreted.

    Night all!

  15. Tristen says:


    Jan van der Steen should have known who Rose Duke was, as I sent him copies of The SA Go Report with Victor’s contributions. Nice guy, that Jan van der Steen.

  16. Tristen says:

    I’ll see if I can find the interview with Victor in one of the back issues of the SA Go Report and put it up here. (My partition crashed and I’m painfully recovering bits and pieces, I am a Linux-idiot).

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