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March 22nd, 2005

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Stb Handicap: Steve vs David

Another game record – this is me playing against David in the 3rd round of our First Quarter Handicap Tournament in Stellenbosch on 1 handicap. I’m fishing for a high-kyu someone to comment it, but maybe it will be instructive to weaker players even without comments. Click here for the game record.

Update: Many thanks to Thomas Chaboud, a French 3-dan studying under Fan Hui, 2p, for commenting the game. His commented version can be downloaded here.

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One Response to “Stb Handicap: Steve vs David”

  1. Steve says:

    Thomas Chaboud (Tom) kindly commented our game – I’ve updated the post with the commented version.

    After looking at the game, I’d like to note hom much perspective can alter the way you play. In a number of places, Tom comments that I am playing too many contact moves against stones I wish to attack, saying my stones are safe because they can connect to outside groups. When playing the game, I was not aware that I could connect my stones to an outside group, and thus considered my stones to be weak and isolated, causing me to play contact plays to defend my stones.

    So, because I was not aware of the potential of my stones, I played moves reducing their potential even more.

    This just goes to show how much just knowing the status of your groups can improve the level of your play.

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